Expressing why I do art is incredibly difficult for me. As a youth, I fantasized about becoming an “artist.” As to what an “artist” was, I did not know. I just knew I wanted to be one. As I grew older people fed me this idea that I could never be successful as an artist. They often told me “you won’t get a job” or asked, “how are going to make enough money?” Soon I became fearful of being an artist, and eventually decided I wasn’t even going to try to become one. Time went by and I was miserable studying a major that would make me “successful” by means of money; but I was scared of being stuck doing something I found no satisfaction in. This fear helped me to decide that I would rather take the chance of being jobless or financially unstable and study art instead. This led me to the present: being immersed with knowledge in a community that is ready to share creations, thoughts, and stories with others. Artists finding their success in the happiness their art gives them. Why do I do art? It gives me the opportunity of communicating my ideas without speaking, something that I’m known to be terrible at. I am also learning that success is not defined by having a top grossing job. Within happiness I find success, and that’s why I “do” art. Because it makes me happy.